Property Assessment Roll

Property assessment roll

The assessment roll is an inventory of all buildings located on the territory of the municipality of Arundel. It indicates the value of each property on the basis of its actual or market value.

Under the Municipal Taxation Act, the MRC des Laurentides Evaluation Service produces and maintains the assessment roll for the 20 municipalities on its territory.

For questions or information regarding property assessment or the assessment roll, please consult the MRC des Laurentides website, section Property Assessment.

Summary of the assessment roll (French documents)

Consult a property evaluation sheet

  •  Consultation – la carte MRC pour l’information des fiches d’évaluation d’une propriété

    Click on the map step 1.

    1. Use the geomatics service of MRC des Laurentides
    2. Choose: Cartographie pour la grand public
    3. Accepte
    4. Click and choose your selection de la municipalité
    5. Zoom in to see matricule #( 10 digit number)
    6. Click on recherche on the left and write the #matricule (10 digit number)
    7. Click on je ne suis pas un robot et lancer la recherche
    8. The list with all the information is on the left.


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