Leisure infrastructures and organizations

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The Recreation and Culture Department is responsible for activities related to culture, sports and outdoor activities, as well as community life, which contribute directly to the quality of life, to the development of the citizens’ sense of belonging and to the enhancement of its heritage and history.

Attentive to current and emerging needs, the municipality collaborates with local associations and organizations, as well as with neighbouring municipalities, in order to develop and carry out joint projects, maintaining and improving the quality of life of the community.


The opening of the outdoor rink is weather dependent. Weather permitting, the rink will open in mid-December. The season will then end at the end of Spring Break.
  • 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Ice Conditions

Updates are made in the morning; however, if conditions change significantly during the day, a second update may be made later.

Current status   OPENING DECEMBER 8, 2023

Conditions and steps necessary for the preparation of an outdoor ice rink

Weather Conditions

  • The outside temperature must be at least -8°C during the day and between -10°C and -15°C at night
  • This temperature must be maintained for 3 or 4 consecutive days

Key Steps

  • Installation of rink boards
  • Preparation of a base made of compacted and flattened snow or ice
  • Watering and working the surface
  • Repeat the watering operations until a thickness of about 3 to 5 cm of ice is reached
  • Repairing cracks caused by temperature variations

After the watering stage, it is important to wait for the surface to freeze properly before skating on it. Respecting the work of the employees will greatly promote the creation of a beautiful ice surface.

Ice conditions are constantly fluctuating and can change during the course of a day. The Municipality must therefore deal with the elements of nature and its ups and downs. The preparation of outdoor ice is a craft that requires a lot of know-how.

Arundel Municipal Leisure, Culture and Community Life Committee

Municipal committee composed of members of the council of the Municipality of the Township of Arundel, organizer of leisure, cultural and community life activities, throughout the year (Winter Carnival, Green Days, Festival of Canada, Halloween and Holiday Season, Soccer+, fundraising and many other activities). Always looking for volunteers and ideas.

Loisirs Arundel – Cross-country ski trails and leisure activities


Loisirs Arundel is an association of volunteer citizens (OBNL)  whose mandate is to organize and promote activities and events for Arundelites of all ages.

The main events and activities usually organized by the association are :

  • Winter Carnival
  • Multicultural Festival and Canada Day
  • Management of the cross-country ski trail

Membership Fees

The annual membership fee for Loisirs Arundel provides free access to the cross-country ski trail as well as certain benefits at activities and events organized by the association.

For information: www.loisirsarundel.com

Cross-Country Ski Trail

The Arundel Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Club (officially the Arundel Outdoor Club) is now managed by Loisirs Arundel. The Club was founded in 1978 and has been in continuous operation since then. The course is approximately twenty (20) kilometers long. It starts behind the Arundel United Church in the center of the village, crosses the Arundel Golf Course and goes to the Arundel Nature and Science Centre on the Crystal Falls Road.

The trails are used, maintained and groomed by members of Arundel Recreation. They are also used regularly by the children of Arundel School and users of the Arundel Nature and Science Centre.

Membership in Loisirs Arundel includes access to the trails. Membership fees cover the costs of maintaining the trails.

Those wishing to use the trails without a membership to Loisirs Arundel are invited to purchase a day ticket. Day tickets are available at the Provisions Arundel General Store located at 14 Village Street. Children under 18 years of age can ski for free.

A trail map is available behind the Arundel United Church and at the Provisions Arundel General Store.



Come and discover our new heritage circuit in the heart of the village.

Brochure – Arundel Heritage Circuit

Beaven Creek Park

Beaven Creek Park is located in the heart of the Village, adjacent to Village Hall, at 2 Village Street.

Open daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.parc-beaven

The park offers:

  • 1 playground for toddlers
  • 1 pavilion with common room and public washrooms
  • 1 picnic area
  • 1 access to the Beaven River, equipped with a dock and benches
  • 1 multi-sport field including :
    • 2 tennis courts
    • 2 badminton courts
    • 1 basketball court
    • 1 volleyball court
    • 2 running lanes1 outdoor skating rink in winter

Arundel Municipal Park

The Municipal Park is located at 60 Morrison Road (at the intersection of White Road). It is adjacent to the municipal garage.

Open daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The park offers:

  • 1 access to the Aerobic Corridor bike path
  • 1 soccer/rugby field
  • 1 baseball field with lights
  • 1 playground for children and toddlers
  • Picnic tables
  • Public washrooms


Please note: The parks are available for outdoor sports and community events.  Please contact the municipal office for more details.