Welcome word

Hello and welcome to our website. The process development and synthesis of information has been a long journey to the end of which we are proud to present a professional website and filled with useful information.

Municipal logo

The process of creating the website was done in parallel with the finalization of a municipal logo. As such, we would like to thank and congratulate Neil Bindon, logo designer and winner of the “LOGO Contest” held in 2012. The original idea was adapted, in terms of shapes and colors, into a distinctive logo in the image of our municipality.

The website

The website offers five (5) main menus within which multiple pages are available.

Whether you are a citizen of Arundel or someone from outside, menus “Citizens” and “Tourism” will give you a wealth of useful information, both on municipal services as activities and shops in our village.

The “Municipal Services” menu is more technical. It explains the function of each of the municipal services, provides useful information to citizens and directs the implementation of their project.

The menu “City Council” is the presentation of your elected officials and provides access to the minutes of the meetings of Council.

Finally the “Publications” menu is a space in which are displayed all public information and public notices, News, Bulletins, and any other relevant documentation to keep you well informed.

We hope you will find this site interesting and easy to navigate.

Good visit.