Message from the mayor


Blais P Dear Citizens,

I would like to start this second mandate with clear directions so that we can all look and move in the same direction.

Here they are for 2022, as adopted by Council on January 18th, 2022 :

«In the extent of its powers and of the law, here are the 6 main orientations which will guide, one in relation to the other, the municipal council of Arundel in the framework of its analysis, actions and decisions, during the year 2022 :

ORIENTATION 1 : (FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT)  Better financial management focused on optimizing municipal resources.

To be an economical municipality that manages its expenses efficiently, sustainably and realistically (aware of the economic context and the various unforeseen events), favoring alternative means of financing and collaboration, in order to ensure the optimization of its financial, human and material resources, throughout the year.

ORIENTATION 2 : (MUNICIPAL SERVICES)   Improve municipal services in general, prioritizing the quality of certain services and aiming for greater harmony between citizens and the municipality.

To offer quality municipal services on a human scale, aimed at better meeting the needs of citizens and greater harmony between citizens and the municipality, by prioritizing local road works and customer service, while taking into account the current labour shortage context.

ORIENTATION 3 :  (WELLNESS, HEALTH AND SAFETY)  Better respond to the challenges and needs of community life, prioritizing the most vulnerable.

Promote actions and decisions that contribute to the well-being, health (physical and mental) and safety of citizens of all age groups and all sectors of the municipality, giving priority to those who are the most vulnerable (seniors, isolated people, children, people with physical or psychological limitations, people with very low incomes, etc.) and collaboration with/between local organizations  (school, churches, legion, post office, OBNL, etc.) and networks.

ORIENTATION 4 :  (LEISURE AND CULTURE)  Have leisure and cultural activities that are more representative of the citizens and of the various sectors of the territory.

Promote leisure and cultural activities and events that are meant to bring people together and represent the interests, history and culture of the various members and age groups of the community and the sectors, that promote healthy lifestyle habits, the discovery and appreciation of the territory and its local artistic, artisanal and sports talents, in order to develop a greater sense of belonging and a sustainable intergenerational community dynamism in the municipality.   Encourage collaboration and linkage between leisure and community organizations and local businesses.

ORIENTATION 5 : (ENVIRONMENT, TERRITORY DEVELOPMENT AND NATURAL AND ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE)  Preserve the uniqueness of the territory in terms of its natural and architectural heritage, and improve the quality of life by prioritizing the beautification of places.

Ensure that citizens live in a beautiful, healthy and pleasant environment, favouring a development of the territory that preserves its natural heritage (nature, wilderness and landscapes) and its architectural heritage, especially ancestral, such as by setting up incentive measures (beautification, conservation, prevention and restoration policy for the natural environment and buildings), organizing information sessions and technical assistance, setting up discussion tables (concertation) and establishing normative frameworks.

ORIENTATION 6 : (LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT)  Boost local economic development and collaboration between local businesses and organizations

Promote actions and decisions that contribute to local economic development, particularly to sustainable development and to the next generation of agriculture and forestry, by prioritizing collaboration, information, education and attractiveness respectful of the territory. »

With this common vision, Council will be able to act with more predictability for the good of all and the public interest.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Pascale Blais, your Mayor