Message from the mayor

Objective year 1: A municipal service of quality, up to your expectations

Blais PAfter growing up in Arundel in the 70s and 80s and having left for fifteen years for the metropole to perfect my education and my professional life, and having also lived namely in Sweden, France and England, I am back to my roots, with an appreciative look at the uniqueness of Arundel, its wealth and the importance of preserving its heritage while remaining open and integrated in the burgeoning Laurentian region.

Based on my professional experiences in commerce and as a municipal lawyer and citizen of this village, both as a child and as a vacationer, my main objective during this first year as mayor, is to ensure that all citizens, both old and new, as well as visitors, get a quality municipal service, focused on welcoming, collaboration and respect, at all times, to be a reflection of a friendly municipality, where it is good to live and where all are included.

The municipality is at the service of its citizens and needs you to inform us of your expectations and needs. To that end, I remain available and at your disposal to inform the Council in its decisions, over the next few years, to ensure the existence and maintenance of a municipal culture in the light of your expectations. I invite you especially to attend the council meetings, which is the place par excellence to come exercise your democratic rights and to share directly your questions.

Pascale Blais, your Mayor