Authorized pets and other animals:

Pets Allowed in areas where farming is not permitted as a principal use

It is forbidden to keep more than five (5) animals, with a maximum of three (3) dogs and three (3) cats.

The limit of five (5) animals under the preceding paragraph does not apply to aquatic vertebrates (fish).

The limit of five (5) animals do not apply to poultry or rabbits. This limit is set at 5 per housing unit and ten (10) when there is only one housing unit. Roosters are not allowed in these areas at all times.

In areas where farming is permitted as a main use

In areas where farming is allowed, the maximum number of dogs is five (5) and the maximum number of cats is also five (5).

Animals prohibited on the territory of the Municipality of Arundel

We invite you to consult the By-laws section for a detailed list of prohibited animals in the territory of the Municipality of Arundel.

Dog – Compulsory licence

  • No one can keep a dog normally living within the boundaries of the municipality, unless you have obtained a licence beforehand.
  • This obligation applies only to dogs over four months of age.
  • Also, the licence becomes mandatory when the dog has been kept in the municipality for a period exceeding fifteen (15) consecutive days.
  • The licence is payable annually and is valid for the period of one year from January 1st to December 31st of each year. This licence is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • You can purchase a licence at the town hall.

Licence renewal

For the guardian of a dog, who is the owner occupant of a residence, the renewal of the licence will automatically be added to the current tax bill of the year in the amount declared by the pricing by-law in force ($ 25 in 2015).

The keeper of a dog who is not the owner occupant of a residence and who resides within the boundaries of the municipality shall, before February 1st of each year, renew the licence for this dog at the town hall.


A dog must be carried or held by his guardian with a leash whose length can not exceed two (2) meters, except when the dog is in the limits of its property.

Lost or stray dog

If you lose your dog or see a stray dog ​​on the territory of the municipality, please call the municipality at 819 681-3390 extension 5600.

Wild animal near a residence

To signal the presence of a black bear or other wild animal that threatens your security and which is close to residential areas, contact a Wilflife protection agent at: (819) 686-2116 . Offices are located in Labelle, in 5497, Boul. du Curé Labelle, Quebec J0T 1H0.

By-law concerning animals

To view the by-law concerning animal control, you can refer to the by-laws section.