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What to do during spring break?


Check this page often. We will be adding new ideas!


Winter’s a great time to watch for birds in and around Arundel. The club Ornithologique des Hautes-Laurentides has lots of local birding information and activities.  The club’s Facebook page

Freezing bubbles

Yes, freezing bubbles! The temperature has to be at least -10°C, but colder is better. There are many recipes online, but here’s one to try: one part water, four parts dish soap, and a dash of light corn syrup. Try blowing the bubbles onto a table or other cold surface and watch ice crystals form in them.

Full-moon walk

Go for a walk by the light of the moon. The full moon seems extra bright in winter when its light shines off the snow. Bundle up and have a magical outdoor experience.

Did you know? March’s full Moon is on the 7th and occurs before the spring equinox (March 20, 2023), making it the Lenten Moon.

Scavenger hunt

Everything looks and sounds different in the winter. Head to the Beaven Creek park or the municipal garage field to find things you can’t see in summer – animal tracks, icicles, frozen ponds. What will you find in our winter wonderland?


Winter is a great time for stargazing – the sky gets dark earlier, the stars are brighter, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see Northern Lights. Try to find a spot away from the streetlights for the best view. The  have public viewing hours.

Outdoor Winter Parties

Throw your own backyard party for your family, friends and neighbors! You can build a campfire and roast marshmallows. S’mores are so much better in winter! Yum!