Contracts / Bids

Call for Tenders and Contract Management

In accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Code of Québec, the Municipality publishes and keeps up to date, on its website, a list of contracts involving an expenditure of at least $25,000 (excluding employment contracts)

Also, the Municipality publishes annually a list of all contracts involving an expenditure of more than $2,000 entered into during the last complete financial year with the same contracting party when the total of these contracts involves an expenditure of more than $25,000.

Year 2021

Year 2022

Annual report on contract management 2022


Since April 1st, 2011, the Ministry requires the municipality to register its tenders and contracts on the site électronique des appels d’offres of the Quebec government, the SEAO. The municipality must also have a link to the SEAO on its website.

You can read the notices and view the tender documents and plans on line. However, if you want to order documents or access other features, you must subscribe. Note that you can buy some documents at a fixed price without a subscription.

Tender on SEAO: Arundel