Committees and responsibilities

Committee – Municipal Council

The mayor and councillors are involved in various committees within the municipality. According to their interests, knowledge and experience, they make things happen in the subjects described below:

Elders and public transportation

Mister Thomas Bates


Mister Dale Rathwell

Aerobic Corridor

Mister Hervey William Howe

Public works, parks and municipal garage

Mister Hervey William Howe

Mister Thomas Bates (substitute)


Mister Jonathan Morgan

Public Safety

Mister Hervey William Howe


Mister Dale Rathwell

Mister Paul Pepin (substitute)

Agriculture and forestry

Mister Jonathan Morgan

Mister Dale Rathwell

Leisure and culture

Mister Paul Pepin

Mister Hervey William Howe

Communication and web site

Miss Pascale Blais

Ethics and citizen defender

Mister Paul Pepin


Miss Pascale Blais

Heritage, economic development and demography

Mister Marc Poirier

Other external committees

The mayor, Miss Pascale Blais, is present in all the fields of competence and also serves on the following committees:

  • Agricultural Advisory Committee – MRC des Laurentides
  • Committee “Cultural Policy” – MRC des Laurentides
  • Régie Intermunicipal des déchets de la Rouge (RIDR)

Planning Advisory Committee

The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) is a committee mandated by the City Council to provide advice on applications submitted to it in terms of urban planning and land use.

The PAC is a working group composed of the mayor, two (2) members of the City Council and three (3) residents selected by the council. The General-director and the building inspector sit on this committee to guide, direct and support its urban planning action.

The recommendations and opinions of the PAC allows the City Council to benefit from the contribution of elected officials and citizens, who can share their experience of living in the municipality and their particular concerns for the development of their territory. The creation of a PAC allows citizens chosen by the Council to participate in urban planning.

Although the PAC is basically an advisory body without any decision-making power, it plays an undeniable role in the mission of planning and administrating municipal territory.  Provincial law has established as an essential condition for approval of the following matters, that municipal councils must obtain prior recommendations from PACs, in order to exercise their discretional powers.

Matters subject to PAC recommendations:

  • minor variance,
  • comprehensive development program,
  • site planning and architectural integration program (SPAIP),
  • application for approval of a conditional use or a specific construction,
  • alteration or occupancy of a building,
  • construction or subdivision projects subject to certain constraints;


Members of the PAC

  • Mister Jonathan Morgan, councillor
  • Mister Paul Pepin, councillor
  • Mister Réjean Villeneuve, citizen
  • Mister Pierre Bernaquez, citizen
  • Miss Élisabeth Gendron-Wood, citizen
  • Miss Nayanka Judick, Environment and Building inspector and Secretary of the committee
  • Miss Pascale Blais, Mayor
  • Miss France Bellefleur, General-director