CAUTION – URGENT – April 26, 2019 20: 30

April 26, 2019

LThe Quebec Ministry of Transport advises us that there is a high probability that the bridge on
Route 327 at Beaven Lake and the bridge on Village Street will be closed in the next few hours
for vehicles and pedestrians. During these closures, emergency vehicles will be able to circulate
to ensure the safety of citizens.
Subject to subsequent verifications, Citizens located in the south sector of the Village Street
Bridge may be landlocked. Roads likely to be affected are: Church, Courte, Cooke, Dubeau,
Flanagan, Grace, Beaven Lake, Caribou Lake, Pin Gouins, Marshall, Morrison, Red, Simms, Swail's
Corner, Thomson and White.
Municipal offices will be open this weekend from 8h to 18h. For all questions do not hesitate to
contact us at (819) 681-3390.
Additional information will be provided as soon as available.