Arundel: just like families! Family policy project

October 22, 2020

We need citizens who love their community and who want to make their contribution. The Arundel Town council is keen to have a family policy and is looking for people from a variety of backgrounds to build a vision for the future  for Arundel families.

What is a family policy?

A family policy is an approach that seeks to bring together the strengths of a community in order to develop a shared vision. lt is not only a matter of identifying together the values that are specific to our population, but also of defining the concrete actions to be considered to improve the quality of life of all our families.

What do we do here?

With the support of a professional and experienced project manager, we will talk about a wide variety of subjects: leisure and community life, housing, mobility, safety, local services, economic vitality, environment… ln fact, all the facets of our life in community. We will identify Arundel’s strengths and challenges as well as the resources required to enable us to act.

With whom?

We  will  build  this  vision  together,  with  the  citizens  directly  involved  in   the

« Steering Committee» of the policy, but also in consultation with the population by various means: surveys, focus groups, targeted interviews. We will also be supported in this process by various resource persons; from the CLSC, public health, regional community services, etc.

What purpose?

This family policy and its action plan will be proposed by the community and  then adopted by your municipal council. They will then be used to ensure coherent action, in phase with the concerns and solutions identified as being the most relevant and the most realistic by all citizens for a better quality of life for Arundelite families!


You have any ideas? lnterested in participating? Contact us!

Deadline : November 6th, 2020

(819) 681-3390 or

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