Bernard Bazinet

Bernard Bazinet

Councillor seat#1


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Who am I ?

In 1886 my great-grandfather decided to settle in Arundel, he arrived walking, with only an ox and a bag of oats. Like all pioneer families, he cleared the land for agriculture and  settling. Thus, my family’s roots run deep in the municipality of Arundel.

After growing up in Arundel, like many others, I had to go to Montreal to learn a skill and find work. I always kept the desire to return to my beautiful region, which luckily I succeeded.

In my youth, there were few Arundel saw mills that gave jobs and work to several families. The economy was thriving. But, over the years, the economic situation has deteriorated – there were fewer jobs for young people and they were to go abroad to find work.

In 2009, I decided to run as a municipal councillor with the aim to change things and improve the lives of Arundel citizens. It is my sincere wish for the future, that our village recover its vitality and prosperity.